2023 Partners

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Healthmine is the industry’s leading quality improvement solution focused on empowering people to take the right actions to improve their health. We build personalized, ongoing member engagement strategies for health plans in all lines of business. These strategies are delivered via our SaaS-based, always-on platform that drives healthy action through customized triggers for clinical, pharmacy, and CAHPS and HOS measures. When paired with intelligent incentives and rewards, the net result is improved outcomes and well-managed medical spend. In addition, Healthmine clients have transparency into real-time, actionable insights on the success of member engagement and satisfaction initiatives, as well as the ability to identify and prioritize areas of opportunity to improve quality measures and Star Ratings.To learn more visit www.HealthMine.com.

Educational Underwriters

Decision Point is a leading member engagement management company that brings holistic predictive analytics and artificial intelligence to everyday health plan decision-making. Decision Point empowers health plans to understand and predict every facet of a member’s health experience, enabling effective targeting and impactful holistic interventions. Decision Point aims to change the fundamentals of healthcare decision-making by predicting and acting on the entire member health experience, delivering sustained improvements in outcomes across satisfaction, retention, quality, and utilization domains.

NationsBenefits® is a leading member engagement, benefits administration, and healthcare company that partners with managed care organizations to provide innovative healthcare solutions aimed at driving growth, reducing costs, and delighting members. Through its comprehensive suite of innovative supplemental benefits, payments platform, and member engagement solutions, NationsBenefits helps health plans deliver high quality benefits to their members that help address social determinants of health and improve member health outcomes and satisfaction. The Company’s compliance-focused infrastructure, proprietary technology systems, and premier service delivery model allow NationsBenefits’ health plan partners to deliver high quality, value-based care to millions of members. To learn more, visit NationsBenefits.com.

FarmboxRx is an engagement and technology solution that breaks down barriers to health equity through nutrition and health literacy. With a focus on addressing the root cause of healthcare inequities, FarmboxRx delivers proactive and preventative interventions through high-tech, high-touch programs. Their customizable member engagement programs support sustainable, scalable, and long-lasting quality outcomes through nutritious foods for Healthcare Organizations nationwide.

mPulse Mobile is reimagining health engagement to inspire healthier lives and deeper relationships between healthcare organizations and their consumers. A leading healthcare Conversational AI platform combines with award-winning health education for the streaming age to deliver tailored digital health engagement that nurtures, educates, and activates healthcare consumers. With more than a decade of experience, 150+ healthcare customers and over one billion conversations annually, mPulse Mobile has the data, the expertise, and the solutions to drive healthy behavior change. To learn more visit mpulsemobile.com.

Supporting Organizations

Standard setters in clinical data optimization, Health Language delivers the kind of confidence that transforms health data and healthcare. Time tested and trusted, its easy, accurate, and actionable solutions are a catalyst for customer and patient results. Powered by the Wolters Kluwer engine, Health Language’s deep domain expertise is grounded in know-how and elevated in data transformation that’s clean, clear, and precise. Enablers of assurance, Health Language translates more than data—it turns confusion and complexity into competence and confidence. The experts clients need for the effectiveness they want, Health Language increases operational efficiency and takes its clients from unstructured data to outstanding outcomes.

PDHI is a software organization that supports white-labeled population health management, point of care, and wellness programs. With a 25-year track record of success, PDHI is trusted by hundreds of companies including health plans, wellness providers and large employers across the United States. For more information, please visit: www.pdhi.com.

Convey Health Solutions is a specialized healthcare technology and services company that is committed to providing clients with healthcare-specific, compliant member support solutions utilizing technology, engagement, and analytics. The Company’s administrative solutions for government-sponsored health plans help to optimize member interactions, ensure compliance, and support end-to-end Medicare processes. By combining its best-in-class, built-for-purpose technology platforms with dedicated and flexible business process solutions, Convey Health Solutions creates better business results and better healthcare consumer experiences on behalf of business customers and partners. The Company’s clients include some of the nation’s leading health insurance plans and pharmacy benefit management firms. Convey’s healthcare-focused teams help millions of Americans navigate the complex Medicare Advantage and Part D landscape. To learn more, please visit www.ConveyHealthSolutions.com.

Since its birth in 2017, RWC has helped over 50 organizations improve their Quality. Highlights include the following:

  • RWC clients, on average, outperform the industry by 16 basis points.
  • Drive to 5 Stars: Began working with 4-Star plan who was tired of “flirting with 3.5 Stars”. Guided client to improve its accountability workgroup structure, enhance its Executive Steering Committee slides and messaging, have frequent data-driven discussions focused on maximizing the Improvement measures and Reward Factor. Client achieved 4.5 Stars for the first time in the following year, and client achieved 5 Stars for the first time the next year.
  • Overall Turnarounds: Began work with a low-performing client in its 2nd year. Guided them to become just the 3rd plan ever to improve by a full Star in a single year after receiving an initial 2.5 Star Rating.
  • Member Experience: Established a cross-functional committee focused on reducing the number of CTMs for a client that was a national CTM outlier. Actively engaged functional areas where CTMs were prevalent. Bi-weekly meetings were driven by current CTM data categorized into key drivers.
    • Within 12 months, client was no longer a national outlier.
    • Within 24 months, client was 4th most improved parent organization in the nation regarding CTMs and 8th most improved for voluntary disenrollment.
  • Internal Culture: Developed organization-wide Stars training platform for 4 Star plan.
    • The client stated it was the most impactful initiative it had launched in years.
  • Stars Council: RWC facilitates monthly Mastermind-type group for Stars leaders, by invitation only, to collaborate across organizations regarding best practices. Special guests have included Pharmacy Quality Alliance, HEDIS® auditors, and behavioral scientists.

Everly Health Solutions, a subsidiary of Everly Health, is a virtual care provider that uses advanced diagnostics and telehealth to improve the early detection and prevention of disease. Our solutions provide the clinical and technological framework to facilitate population-scale testing across the healthcare ecosystem. We serve more than 350 enterprise partners and power over 400 programs, closing gaps in care and creating diagnostics-driven solutions for health plans. We believe that empowering people with convenient access to clinically actionable testing has the power to change lives, improve outcomes, and create a healthier world.

Bamboo Health, the leader in Real-Time Care Intelligence™, delivers actionable insights on a patient’s physical, behavioral and social health – empowering healthcare professionals to provide the right care at the right time for the right outcomes. Delivered through our Smart Signals™ network – the largest and most interoperable care collaboration community in the nation – our insights improve more than 1 billion patient encounters a year across more than 2,500 hospitals, 8,000 post-acute facilities, 25,000 pharmacies, 32 health plans, 50 state governments and 1 million acute and ambulatory providers. Connect with Bamboo Health on Twitter,  LinkedIn and  Facebook. Visit  BambooHealth.com to learn more.

Axion Contact has been providing healthcare services for more than 40 years. Our organization is known for providing high quality interactive services, with specific regards to brand, performance, experience, compliance, and quality. We provide member engagement solutions with our staff of over 800 US Based agents and clinicians, helping close gaps in care, disease management, HRA’s, managed care programs, Stars, HEDIS, HOS and CAPS improvement measures. Our goal is to improve your member’s wellness, lower costs, and help you solve your business problems. YOUR SUCCESS IS OUR CALLING

The Helper Bees is a nationwide leader of advanced technology solutions, providing Managed Care Organizations with access to an innovative and scalable digital ecosystem for the delivery and administration of supplemental benefits, clinical and quality programs. Using our scalable platform, our clients connect millions of families with transformative services in the home to address medical and social determinant needs while simultaneously automating provider credentialing, fulfillment, invoicing and payment. We partner with many of the nation's largest Medicare Advantage plans, Long-Term Care Insurance carriers, and PACE providers to improve the way in-home care is delivered and serve member populations regardless of need, geography, or regulatory climate. Find out more at thehelperbees.com.

AdhereHealth is a healthcare technology solutions leader supporting nearly 30 million patients across dozens of health plans, self-insured employers and other risk-bearing entities. The Adhere PlatformTM offers purpose-built, innovative technology that helps improve quality of care, medication adherence and cost outcomes—all with an emphasis on overcoming social determinants of health (SDOH) and improving patient experience. The unique combination of predictive analytics, intelligent clinical workflow software and proactive telepharmacy outreach, performed by a nationwide team of licensed clinicians, addresses an estimated half a trillion dollars of unnecessary annual medical costs attributed to medication adherence issues. Learn more at www.adherehealth.com.

BeneLynk is a national provider of Social Determinants of Health (SDoH) solutions for Medicare Advantage and Managed Medicaid health plans. We serve plans and their members by creating a human-to-human connection and providing the assistance a member needs to get the benefits they deserve.

By employing one dynamic conversation that flows organically to meet SDoH challenges, we build stronger human connections that are supported by innovative technology.  

Our mission is to improve lives and positively impact SDoH barriers by providing our healthcare partners with the information they need, and people with the advocacy they deserve.

Founded in 2005, Medical Guardian, a leading provider of innovative senior health solutions, serves more than 310,000 active members and patients. Medical Guardian offers a full suite of connected-care Personal Emergency Response Systems with integrated proactive member engagement services to drive positive outcomes and increase member satisfaction and retention. For more information, visit https://www.medicalguardian.com/medicare-advantage.

Hello Heart is the only digital therapeutics company to focus exclusively on heart disease, the leading cause of death for U.S. adults. Using AI, behavioral science, and personalization, Hello Heart’s digital coaching app addresses whole heart health by empowering people to embrace healthier behavior, which can reduce the risks of high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and heart disease. The program also includes a Bluetooth-enabled blood pressure monitor that helps users catch blood pressure readings that are extremely high or an irregular heartbeat, and the app encourages them to talk to their doctor to identify potential risk in time. Validated in peer-reviewed studies and trusted by leading Fortune 500 companies, Hello Heart is easy to use and works alongside an employer’s benefits ecosystem. Founded in 2013, Hello Heart is a member of the American Heart Association’s Innovators’ Network and is part of the CVS Health Point Solutions Management program. Visit www.helloheart.com for more information.

Cozeva is the operating system for value-based healthcare and powers the transition toward a value-based ecosystem for quality, risk, and cost performance. As a cloud-based solution for ACOs, IPAs, payers, providers, and patients, Cozeva aggregates and transforms multiple data streams into actionable analytics and registry driven dashboards in real-time. Cozeva supports multiple stakeholders as they work together to fulfill their goals for HEDIS, AMP, HCC, Stars, MACRA, ACO, APMs, and Care Management.

Association Partner

The Managed Care Resource Alliance (MCRA) is an assemblage of industry leaders that provide services, products and/or subject matter expertise to Managed Care organizations. Our alliance consists of prominent and experienced organizations that are partnering to provide transformative solutions to our clients.