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Success in value-based care requires payers to engage high performing pharmacy networks, where pharmacists manage medication use to the fullest extent of their knowledge and training to improve health outcomes. Freeing up time for pharmacists to provide care that only they can provide—that’s why we’re introducing our vision of the Autonomous Pharmacy.

Livongo offers a whole person platform that empowers people with chronic conditions to live better and healthier lives, beginning with diabetes and now including hypertension, weight management, diabetes prevention, and behavioral health. The Livongo approach delivers better clinical and financial outcomes while creating a different and better experience for people with chronic conditions.

Vatica Health offers an In Office Prospective Risk Adjustment and Quality Solution for ACA and Medicare Advantage plans which provides a unique blend of clinical staff and proprietary technology deployed into PCP offices.

Our in-office clinical and administrative support drives the following results for our health plan and risk bearing provider clients:

  • High Financial Performance - >25% Incremental increase in Risk Adjustment Revenue
  • Improved Quality Measures – Consistent 4-5 Star Ratings
  • Reduced RADV Audit Risk –100% of all codes reviewed for proper documentation
  • ROI- 4:1 proven with plans of all sizes

Supporting Organizations

Blackhawk Network delivers branded payment programs to meet our partners’ business objectives. We collaborate with our partners to innovate, translating market trends in branded payments to increase reach, loyalty and revenue. With a presence in over 26 countries, we reliably and securely execute branded payment programs worldwide. Join us as we shape the future of global branded payments.

Improving healthcare outcomes requires access to the right data at the right time. Apixio is advancing value-based care with data-driven intelligence and analytics. Our AI solutions for risk, quality, and clinical insights unlock actionable information from administrative data and unstructured clinical information. The results drive better clinical decision-making and a smarter approach to healthcare. Learn more at www.apixio.com

Axion Contact is a Healthcare Services Company that creates customized member engagement, care and wellness touchpoints that increase STAR ratings, improve HEDIS/HOS scores as well as the overall member experience (Net Promoter Scores). We are comprised of healthcare and contact center industry leaders known for our dynamic and innovative approach which consistently exceeded our carrier’s expectations and key performance metrics.
Visit us at www.axioncontact.com to find out more!

RxAnte is a leading predictive analytics and clinical services company located in Portland, Maine, and Washington, D.C., dedicated to improving medication use and health outcomes. By providing plans and providers with actionable insights, strategies, and our own portfolio of interventions, RxAnte empowers clients with the resources necessary to help make medications work better for everyone.

Created by experts in advanced analytics, medication adherence, health IT, and quality improvement, the RxAnte portfolio of solutions includes patent-pending platforms that leverage predictive and decision analytics, advanced program evaluation methods, a web-based work flow solution, and an award-winning call center to provide clients with the insights they need and results they want in improving medication use.

HYPERLIFT brings solutions to market that address the most pressing challenges facing Medicare Advantage Stars management today. With HYPERLIFT’s Stars Management Suite™ (SMS) and HYPERLIFT's Deliverables as a Service™ (DaaS), Medicare Advantage Stars teams can manage plan performance at a level previously unachievable.

Joint Academy is a digital clinic for osteoarthritis, we connect patients with licensed physical therapists to deliver an evidence-based treatment. The program is modeled after the Swedish BOA where 150 000 patients have participated. BOA is one of the most succesful interventions worldwide for OA. Joint Academy partners with health plans and systems to cover the cost of the program and reduce their healthcare spend on surgery and medication

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Managed Care delivers high-interest articles and features developed through original research and writing. Its editorial mission is to advise managed markets physicians, pharmacists, and executives on the integration of the business and medical aspects of the rapidly changing managed care market. A strict fact-checking and peer-review process assures the accuracy and relevance of editorial content.