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2021 Partners

Platinum Sponsor

HealthMine offers a dynamic member engagement solution that motivates members through multiple modalities to continuously complete health actions, while diligently monitoring them for continued satisfaction. Its powerful intelligence platform was originally built inside a Value-Based Insurance Design (VBID) health plan— designed to aggregate data and utilize advanced algorithms to combine population health and quality improvement disciplines to help plans thrive. Our personalized solution can help enhance or supplement targeted member engagement strategies through smart rewards distribution and fulfillment. www.healthmine.com

GHG Advisors is the leading solutions and consulting firm for government-sponsored health programs. Our experts consist of seasoned veterans who have served at every decision making level of leading health plans, PBMs and state and federal agencies. Collectively, our staff members have thousands of years of experience in every functional area of a health plan and their business partners. No other firm can boast of such a complete view of the industry from policy and politics to resolution to efficient and compliant private sector operations.

Silver Sponsor

EnlivenHealth is the division of Omnicell that builds advanced patient engagement and communications solutions that enable retail pharmacies and health plans to improve the health outcomes of their patients, while strengthening the long-term health of their business.

Novillus was founded on the belief that it should be easier for health plans to better collaborate with both their partner provider groups and associated members to provide the data critical to driving improved outcomes and optimal health plan program performance. Novillus solves complex health plan data exchange challenges with digital solutions. We combine technology, data, and human intelligence to improve the workflow process to empower our partners to prosper by maximizing their revenue opportunities, optimizing care gap closure, and promoting quality outcomes and population health. Our product suite enables organizations to deliver provider and member-centric engagement at scale, through risk-managed, multimodal channels.

Enhanced Medication Services is the premier clinical services delivery channel with a mission to optimize medication use for people, health plans, and health systems. We combine our industry-leading clinical services call center with an expansive network of community pharmacies to provide high-quality clinical interventions. Our fully integrated, end-to-end dispensing and clinical platform connects health plans to community pharmacists, offering quality lift for our partners to achieve high-level performance on quality measures and improve health outcomes.

Magellan Rx Management, a division of Magellan Health, Inc., is shaping the future of pharmacy. As a next-generation pharmacy organization, we deliver meaningful solutions to the people we serve. As pioneers in specialty drug management, industry leaders in Medicaid pharmacy programs and disruptors in pharmacy benefit management, we partner with our customers and members to deliver a best-in-class healthcare experience.

Wakely Consulting Group, LLC (Wakely) is a limited liability company established in Florida in 1999. Our corporate office is located in Tampa, Florida. In addition, there are offices located in Centennial, Colorado; Denver, Colorado; Minneapolis, Minnesota; Decatur, Georgia; Sandy Springs, Georgia; Chandler, Arizona and Pleasantville, New York. Overall, Wakely has over 130 employees and 60 credentialed actuaries, with continuing growth in staff and revenue each year. Wakely’s staff specializes in health care financing, working directly with provider and commercial health insurance carriers on public and private program offerings. Wakely has considerable experience in carrying out complex projects, yet its size and structure allow it to be nimbler and more responsive than larger, national firms.

We are a team of diverse professionals with a comprehensive understanding of the entire spectrum of healthcare, including substantive experience working with state agencies, health insurance carriers, board of directors, advocacy groups, hospitals, and physicians. In addition to many actuarial analyses for state programs and private payers, Wakely consultants have led and supported efforts in health plan strategic and financial planning; public policy development; health insurance product development; and development and administration of state-subsidized health insurance programs for low income adults and health insurance exchanges.

Our staff are predominately credentialed actuaries (and analytical staff working to attain credentials) who are experts in the quantification of business problems. They have familiarity with health care data at a detailed level, understand the interaction of member behavior, provider behavior, and financial incentives. They are able to build complex models to simulate these interactions, and communicate these complex concepts in straightforward ways.

Wakely’s staff has extensive experience in working with health care data in support of key policy initiatives, from establishing and manipulating large health care claims and enrollment datasets, developing and maintaining reporting programs and structures, to marshaling sophisticated analytics in support of key policy and strategic decision making. From medical claims, enrollment, premium and budget data, to enrollee demographics and operational metrics, Wakely staff are highly proficient in manipulating data, interpreting trends, and, most importantly, using data to create meaningful and actionable information. Our extensive experience presenting information to internal staff, senior leaders, boards of directors and legislative and stakeholder groups means that we provide a comprehensive data analytics solution – from manipulating data elements to creating useful reports and presenting results.

We have helped our clients succeed through disciplined and transparent analytic work, thorough assessment of options, creative problem solving, attention to deadlines, and the ability to clearly communicate and document complex issues. While success can be measured in a number of different ways, we believe client satisfaction is the most important, and one in which we excel based on the feedback received from clients. Our clients have renewed our contracts as needed and have consistently referred us to other potential clients.

Bronze Sponsor

Joint Academy is a virtual clinic that connects patients with licensed physical therapists to deliver an online treatment for chronic joint pain. The clinically-proven treatment includes unlimited direct access to licensed physical therapists, an individualized exercise program, interactive education, and progress tracking.

Icario is the industry’s leading healthcare engagement company, using behavioral research, data science, and deep industry expertise to move people to better health. We develop personalized healthcare experiences that connect people to better health with every action, while reducing member abrasion through the use of extrinsic and intrinsic motivations.

Our solutions address the areas where engaging members is most critical for plans: quality & risk, connecting to care, and member experience.